Incantation Bow to 'Unholy Deification' on New Album

Take in "Concordat (The Pact) I" from the PA outfit's 13th album

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 29, 2023

Incantation have lifted the curtain on a new album. The long-running American death metal outfit will deliver Unholy Deification on August 25 via Relapse.

Following 2020's Sect of Vile Divinities (and last year's rarities collection Tricennial of Blasphemy), the 10-track Unholy Deification finds the NYC-founded four-piece joined by guests Jeff Beccera (Possessed), Henry Veggian (ex-Revenant), and Dan Vadim Von (Morbid Angel).

Lyrically, the album is said to present a "mortal-to-deity narrative" that originates with bassist Chuck Sherwood, described as an "avid reader and occult logician" who sought to create "a fully-realized concept of evolution through enlightenment."

A glimpse of such transformation is depicted in the video for the crushing "Concordat (The Pact) I" directed by the C.O.I.N., which you can view below. 

"I'm not interested in playing it safe," shares founding vocalist-guitarist John McEntee in a statement. "I think other people feel that there are limits to what we do. However, I don't see it that way. If it feels right, then it's Incantation. The songs we write are an honest expression of ourselves. When people hear the new album, I hope they think, 'Why are these guys so pissed off?!' Rage gives focus, which is why this album turned out the way it did."

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Unholy Deification:

1. Offerings (The Swarm) IV
2. Concordat (The Pact) I
3. Chalice (Vessel Consanguineous) VIII
4. Homunculus (Spirit Made Flesh) IX
5. Invocation (Chthonic Merge) X
6. Megaron (Sunken Chamber) VI
7. Convulse (Words of Power) III
8. Altar (Unify In Carnage) V
9. Exile (Defy The False) II
10. Circle (Eye of Ascension) VII

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