IDLES Enter 'Parachutes' Era with Deepfake "Yellow" Music Video Remake

Look at AI, look how it shines for you

Photo: Tom Ham

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 14, 2024

IDLES are releasing their new album TANGK this Friday, and they've found no better way to remind us of the horrors of late-stage capitalism than by buying directly into it.

Have you ever wondered what the music video for Coldplay's "Yellow" would look like if Chris Martin was singing another song? No? Well, too bad! By using deepfake AI technology, IDLES restructured the "Yellow" visuals so that baby-faced Martin is actually singing their latest single, "GRACE."

Okay, fine, my bad day is coming out in this one a little too hard, but it's also just kind of unsettling. Do you know the episode of The Sopranos where they used CGI to eerily edit Livia's final scene in because Nancy Marchand had died? The way Martin's AI lips move throughout the video emulates that, even though he gave his blessing and trained the robot overlords for a more realistic effect.

The video itself is fine — if you like the "Yellow" video, in theory, you will like this. A punk band giving Coldplay their flowers? Totally fine by me! Martin needs another gig besides being Harry Styles's unofficial stylist anyway. The song is pretty nice, too. Validate our inevitable collapse into the matrix below. 

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