Canadian Folk Music Awards Unveil 2024 Nominees

Including William Prince, the Sadies, Julian Taylor, Whitehorse, Jill Barber, Tami Neilson and more

BY Nika Petrosian Published Oct 19, 2023

The Canadian Folk Music Awards has announced its 2024 nominees, with acts from across the country returning to St. John's, NL, for its 19th edition, taking place from April 4 to 7.

CFMA organizers have announced over 110 nominees spanning 20 categories, including artists like Julian Taylor, Steve Dawson, the East Pointers, William Prince and Kaeley Jade, who lead the awards with three nominations each. Additional nominees include the Sadies, Whitehorse, Jill Barber, Tami Neilson, NQ Arbuckle and more.

"Every year, the CMFA Nominee Announcement is an important moment for Canada's folk music community to take note of the outstanding work done over the past year and celebrate the outstanding talent our country has to offer," says CMFA President Graham Lindsey in a press release. "We are proud of the diversity of the nominated recordings, and it is a true testament to what our country's musicians have to offer."

Find a list of the nominees, as well as the CMFA's official nominee announcement video below.


Young Performer(s) of the Year / Jeune artiste(s) de l'année:
  • Abigale for/pour Different Roads
  • Fiddelium for/pour Lit Up
  • Mélodie LeBlanc, Charlotte LeBlanc & Rosalie LeBlanc (La Famille LeBlanc) for/pour Perdrais-je mon temps… (Would I be losing my time…)
  • Mia Kelly for/par Garden Through the War
  • Paige Penney for/pour Game Changer
  • The Trilogy for/pour Irish Millie
New/Emerging Artist(s) of the Year / Artiste(s) de la relève de l'année:
  • La Déferlance for/pour Le feu aux pourdres
  • Kaeley Jade for/pour Turpentine
  • Mia Kelly for/pour Garden through the War
  • Moonfruits for/pour Salt
  • Steven Taetz for/pour Late Bloom
  • Youngtree & the Blooms for/pour Youngtree & the Blooms
Contemporary Album of the Year / Album contemporain de l'année:
  • Colder Streams by/par the Sadies
  • Homemaker by/par Jill Barber
  • House of Dreams by/par the East Pointers
  • Kingmaker by/par Tami Neilson
  • Love Songs for the Long Game by/par NQ Arbuckle
  • Old News by/par Terra Spencer & Ben Caplan
  • Stand in the Joy by/par William Prince
  • TumbleWeedyWorld by/par Lynn Miles
Contemporary Singer of the Year / Chanteur contemporain de l'annee:
  • Joe Nolan for/pour Lost Verses
  • Julian Taylor for/pour Beyond the Reservoir
  • Kaeley Jade for/pour Turpentine
  • Suzie Vinnick for/pour Fall Back Home
  • Terra Spencer for/pour Old News
Global Roots Album of the Year / Album traditions du monde de l'annee:
  • Bamako by/par Sophie Lukacs
  • Refugee in the Sea by/par Tarek Ghiri
  • Ritual by/par Roberto López
  • Taraf Syriana by/par Taraf Syriana
  • Ubuntu by/par Empress Nyiringango
Traditional Singer of the Year / Chanteur traditionnel de l'annee:
  • François-Félix Roy for/pour Peines perdues
  • Hannah Shira Naiman for/pour The Wheels Won't Go
  • La Yeni for/pour Yarrow Under the Moon
  • Mary Beth Carty for/pour Crossing the Causeway
  • Tianna Lefebvre for/pour Roses
Traditional Album of the Year / Album traditionnel de l'annee:
  • A Celtic Celebration by/par the Bookends with the Stratford Symphony Orchestra
  • All It Brings by/par Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira
  • Constellations by/par Meredith Moon
  • Crossing the Causeway by/par Mary Beth Carty
  • Le feu aux poudres by/par La Déferlance
French Songwriter(s) of the Year / Auteur-compositeur(s) francophone de l'annee:
  • Aleksi Campagne, Michelle Campagne for/par For the Giving / Sans rien donner
  • Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle, Léandre Joly-Pelletier for/par Là-bas-Veranda
  • Catherine Durand for/pour La maison orpheline
  • Éric Dion, André Lavergne for/par La nouvelle saison
  • Marie-Ève Laure for/pour Reviens
English Songwriter(s) of the Year / Auteur compositeur(s) anglophone de l'année:
  • Jacob Brodovsky for/pour I Love You and I'm Sorry
  • Luke Doucet & Melissa McClelland for/pour I'm Not Crying, You're Crying
  • Tim Chaisson, Koady Chaisson, Jake Charron, Colin MacDonald, Carleton Stone for/pour House of Dreams
  • Dave Gunning for/pour The Same Storm
  • Noah Derksen for/pour Sanctity of Silence
  • Noah Zacharin for/pour Points of Light
Indigenous Songwriter(s) of the Year / Auteur compositeur(s) autochtone de l'annee:
  • Cynthia Hamar for/pour Joint & Marrow
  • Kaeley Jade Wiebe for/pour Turpentine
  • Geneviève Toupin for/pour Maison vent
  • Kyle McKearney for/pour A Traveler's Lament
  • Qattuu for/pour Midnight Sun
Instrumental Composer of the Year / Compositeur(s) ou compositrice(s) de l'année:
  • Dario Montanino for/pour Rio Lyon
  • Don Ross for/pour Water
  • Lorie Wolf for/pour Fray
  • Nathan Smith, Emilyn Stam, John David Williams, Alan Mackie for/pour Beacons
  • Steve Dawson for/pour Phantom Threshold
Children's Album of the Year / Album jeunesse de l'année:
  • Going Back: Remembered and Remixed Family Fold Songs by/par Ginalina
  • Here Comes the Train by/par Mr Ben
  • Minor Third by/par the Relative Minors
  • Primary by/par Darrelle London
  • Welcome to the Flea Circus by/par the Swinging Belles
Instrumental Group of the Year / Groupe instrumental de l'année:
  • Archetype Trad for/pour Explorer
  • Medusa for/pour Medusa
  • Queen Kong for/pour Fray
  • So Long Seven for/pour only elephants know her name
  • Vinta for/pour Beacons
Ensemble of the Year / Groupe de l'année:
  • The Bombadils for/pour Dear Friend
  • The East Pointers for/pour House of Dreams
  • Genticorum for/pour Au coeur de l'aube
  • Jackson Hollow for/pour Roses
  • Whitehorse for/pour I'm Not Crying, You're Crying
Vocal Group of the Year / Groupe vocal de l'année:
  • Basset for/pour In the Clay
  • Big Little Lions for/pour AMPM
  • Musique à bouches for/pour Il est grand temps
  • The Bombadils for/pour Dear Friend
  • Twin Flames for/pour Twin Flames Unplugged Live
Oliver Schroer Pushing the Boundaries Award / Prix Innovation musicale Oliver Schroer:
  • A Traveler's Lament by/par Kyle McKearney
  • Codex XXI by/par De Lònga
  • only elephants know her name by/par So Long Seven
  • Universal Echoes by/par Kuné
  • Weyn Allah by/par Al Qahwa
Producer(s) of the Year / Réalisateur(s) de l'année:
  • Drew Jurecka, Dan Rosenberg for/pour Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango (Payadora Tango Ensemble)
  • Jeremy Ledbetter for/pour Seré Libre (Eliana Cuevas with the Angel Falls Orchestra)
  • Jill Barber, Erik P. H. Nielsen for/pour Homemaker (Jill Barber)
  • Kaitlin Milroy, Alex Millaire, Charles Fairfield, Olivier Fairfield for/pour Salt (Moonfruits)
  • Steve Dawson for/pour Eyes Closed, Dreaming (Steve Dawson)
Instrumental Solo Artist of the Year / Instrumentiste solo de l'année:
  • Aaron Collis for/pour Before Daylight in the Morning
  • Don Ross for/pour Water
  • Joy Lapps for/poupr Girl in the Yard
  • Paul Pike for/pour Echoes of Our Ancestors
  • Steve Dawson for/pour Phantom Threshold
  • Troy McLaggan for/pour Wood, Steel & Bones
Solo Artist of the Year / Artiste solo de l'année:
  • Barbra Lica for/pour Imposter Syndrome
  • Dave Gunning for/pour The Same Storm
  • Julian Taylor for/pour Beyond the Reservoir
  • Julie Title for/pour After the Sun
  • William Prince for/pour Stand in the Joy
Single of the Year / Monoplage de l'année:
  • Delaney's Dad by/par Moira & Claire
  • Have You Seen My Sister? by/par Aruna and the Sirens + guests
  • In 40 Years by/par Barbra Lica
  • Light Under the Door by/par Zaac Pick
  • Seeds by/par Julian Taylor
  • Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming by/par the Bombadils
  • When You Miss Someone by/par William Prince
  • Worth the Time by/par Big Little Lions

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