Heems to Apparently Get His Own Sitcom

Heems to Apparently Get His Own Sitcom
Interested in watching a new sitcom based on the life of former Das Racist member Heems? Well, we hope so, as the rapper has revealed that such a thing is apparently in the works.

Though very little exists in the way of details, Heems (born Himanshu Kumar Suri) went onto his Twitter account today (August 26) to say that 20th Century Fox has bought the rights to his "story," with plans to turn it into a sitcom.
When grilled by fans, notably Rolling Stone senior editor Simon Vozick-Levinson, over whether or not the reveal was for real, Heems quickly responded in the affirmative.
While it appears as if the project is in its early days, Heems could pluck a lot of personal details for a pilot episode. This could include, of course, his history with Das Racist, not to mention a solo career that recently gave fans the Eat, Pray, Thug LP.

Additionally, Suri managed the Greedhead Music record label before shutting it down earlier this year owing to massive debt, and has written for publications like Village Voice and Stereogum. He also recently curated an art show at New York's Aicon Gallery, which was highlighted in his recent "Damn, Girl" video.