Grimes and d'Eon Team Up for Split Twelve-Inch

Grimes and d'Eon Team Up for Split Twelve-Inch
Grimes and d'Eon have a lot in common. Both artists are based in Montreal and they've each built up a steady buzz with their skewed, experimental take on electronic music. It makes perfect sense, then, that the two acts are teaming up for a new split twelve-inch. Entitled Darkbloom, it will be out April 12 via Hippos in Tanks/Arbutus.

Side A will feature five tracks from Grimes. Expect her side to follow in the same dreamy vein as her past work, as a press release calls it a "stunning new collection of ethereal dreamscapes that expand her creative palate without compromising the spectral presence she is known for." It's said to combine "the dark energy of her sophomore album, Halfaxa, with the shimmering dream pop of Geidi Primes."

As for side B, it has four songs from d'Eon. His half of the split "simultaneously incorporates elements of (for example) Chicago footwork and new jack swing, but surprises the listener with strange forays into bygone genres such as UK drum & bass and trip-hop." These styles will be combined into a "circular suite [that] addresses reliance on technology through lyrical content and sonic allusion."

Even though the two halves of the split were produced separately, expect it to relatively cohesive, as "the project was conceptualized together." It will be available in vinyl and digital formats.


Side A - Grimes:

1. "Orphia"
2. "Vanessa"
3. "Crystal Ball"
4. "Urban Twilight"
5. "Hedra"

Side B - d'Eon:

1. "Telepathy"
2. "Thousand Mile Trench"
3. "Tongues"
4. "Transperancy"