Gorillaz Continue Story Series with 'The Book of Russel'

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 7, 2016

In further generating hype behind a new album, Gorillaz shared the cryptic story The Book of Noodle at the start of this week. To get us all riled up again before the weekend hits, the band have now shared The Book of Russel.

The latest story focuses on drummer Russel Hobbs, who grew 60 times in size while swimming to Plastic Beach with Noodle by his side. Upon meeting the band's Murdoc Niccals there, a pirate attack separated them once again.

Upon swimming off the coast of Japan, Russel was mistaken for a whale and subsequently harpooned, getting separated from Noodle in wriggling free. Singing Eric Carmen's power ballad "All By Myself," he soon washed ashore on a North Korean beach. 

Due to his size, many mistook him for "Pulgasari, the legendary North Korean Godzilla." After "the Glorious Leader" realized Russel was merely a man, he was freed and returned to London, where he got the call that "the band was getting back together."

See the whole saga of The Book of Russel unfold for yourself in the photos and videos below.
As previously reported, the upcoming Gorillaz album is rumoured to feature collaborations with artists like Jean Michel-Jarre, Twilite Tone, Liam Bailey and Vic Mensa. Back in July, Damon Albarn confirmed that the LP would be arrive "fairly soon."  

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