God Made Me Funky We Can All Be Free

A live band featuring a couple of singers and fronted by the infamous Toronto emcee PHATT al, God Made Me Funky are a nu-funk fusion of hip-hop, funk, soul, rock and R&B that might find comparisons to Jamiroquai, the Roots and recent OutKast. This type of music tends to work better live and on stage, but GMMF do a capable job of translating their energy to compact disc. However, the music tends to stand out most when the raps are put front and centre, such as with first single "Won More Time,” which has al and Thrust dropping verses over funky bass, drums and horns, and album highlight "Down With the King’s” (sic) featuring Canadian rap pioneers Michie Mee and Maestro Fresh Wes (who showcases a surprisingly impressive updated new flow) and newcomer/engineer N.I.Gel. While GMMF bring out the rocking guitars for the heavy funk-rock of "Pass It Around,” much of the rest of the album is fairly harmless, fun-loving popular dance music with a positive spin. Expect to hear GMMF on the radio or in the clubs sometime soon, hopefully replacing the sounds of Black Eyed Peas. (New EmPire)