The Music of 'Forza Horizon 5': Arkells and K.Flay Go Big on "You Can Get It"

"It's amazing to see what that game means to people," says singer Max Kerman
The Music of 'Forza Horizon 5': Arkells and K.Flay Go Big on 'You Can Get It'
Photo: Nathan Nash
Playground Games and Xbox Games Studios' much-anticipated Forza Horizon 5 is arriving November 9, and each week leading to its release, we'll be highlighting one of our favourite Canadian artists featured on the game's soundtrack.

This week's Forza Featured Track comes courtesy of Arkells, whose K.Flay-featuring "You Can Get It" is a fittingly electrifying companion to a game that promises a bigger, faster and more colourful experience (that's kinda Arkells' whole ethos right there) than before. 

About being asked to feature on the Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack, Arkells frontman Max Kerman said:

Mike in our band was very pumped. He plays, and knows how integral the music is to the gaming experience. Once the trailer dropped, my phone was blowing up from so many random friends. I had no clue! It's amazing to see what that game means to people. We are grateful for the chance to be heard by folks around the world who haven't checked out our band.

The Hamilton-raised Arkells have been making their brand of wide-eyed, high-energy rock for more than a decade now — their debut full-length, Jackson Square, came out back in 2008 —and with the release of this year's pop-indebted Blink Once, their music has only gotten bolder and brighter. 

The bouncing piano, bubbly pop melody and neon-saturated hooks of "You Can Get It" are capped off by a signature high-energy verse from American rapper and musician K.Flay; it's not hard to imagine it soundtracking the lush, tropical landscapes of Forza Horizon 5 — that's it playing in the official trailer, after all — which promises a larger and more diverse map than any previous Forza Horizon game. 

You can hear "You Can Get It" live in the flesh at Arkells' recently announced 2022 tour, which'll take them on a nine-stop run of Canada, including shows six Ontario shows. 

Listen to "You Can Get It" and check out the trailer for Forza Horizon 5 below. 

Forza Horizon 5 arrives November 9, and you can preorder the game here.