Jackson Square

BY Jill LangloisPublished Nov 18, 2008

When I first heard Hamilton, ON band Arkells' debut full-length, Jackson Square, I was sure I was listening to Canadian greats the Constantines. Singer Max Kerman has the raw vocals of Bry Webb and the Springsteen influence is undeniable throughout the record, especially on "Oh, The Boss Is Coming!" But that's not to say Arkells are a mirror image of either of the aforementioned rockers. Jackson Square does have classic rock at its core but songs like "Ballad of Hugo Chavez" add a touch of Motown to the record and "Tragic Flaw" gives it an indie rock flavour without making it as bland as some of their modern musical counterparts. Arkells have managed to master the perfect blend of genres without it sounding like that's what they were trying to do. There just might be a new boss in town.
(Dine Alone)

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