Ford & Lopatin Announce Channel Pressure Details

Ford & Lopatin Announce <i>Channel Pressure</i> Details
There was a strange sci-fi bent to the teaser clip for Ford & Lopatin's upcoming album Channel Pressure, but beyond its suggestion of a future full of robot gangs and genius super computers, we could at least relate to the duo's smoothed-out synth jams. One week later, things are all starting to come together for the Oneohtrix Point Never offshoot, as the duo have now released more info on the set.

While we knew the album was being released by the group's own Software imprint on June 7, a press release explains that the 14-track platter is a concept album based around "a teenage anti-hero [Joey Rogers], violent robo-jocks, and a record industry run by a super computer." Playing up the techno-thriller angle, song titles include such gems as "Rock Center Paranoia" and "Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)."

If you wanted a taste of what's to come before the album's June release date, why not download the electronic drum pad and synth-driven '80s throwback "Emergency Room" in all of its soft-rockin' glory below.

For you collectors out there, you will also be glad to know that a limited-edition X-ray picture disc of the single will drop April 26 via Software and is expected to include remixes from LCD Soundsystem synth god Gavin Russom and the Bug.

Channel Pressure:

1. "Scumsoft"
2. "Channel Pressure"
3. "Emergency Room"
4. "Rock Center Paranoia"
5. "Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)"
6. "New Planet"
7. "The Voices"
8. "Joey Rogers"
9. "Dead Jammer"
10. "Break Inside"
11. "Surrender"
12. "Green Fields"
13. "World of Regret"
14. "G's Dream"