Flea Breaks Arm in Apparent Skiing Accident

Flea Breaks Arm in Apparent Skiing Accident
Red Hot Chili Peppers have been working on material for a new album for some time now, and reports from earlier this month suggested that they might soon be going into the studio with producer Danger Mouse. It looks as if they've suffered a setback, however, since bassist Flea seems to have broken his arm.

Today (February 17), the fun-loving string-slapper posted an image on Instagram along with the one-word caption "oops." In the photo — which you can see above — his left arm is in a large cast that extends all the way up to his shoulder. His hand and even a couple of fingers seem to be in the cast, so playing bass will clearly be impossible.

Flea hasn't said exactly how he injured it, but his prior Instagram post, from a couple of days ago, showed him on a ski lift (see below). It's probably fair to assume, then, that he was involved in a skiing or snowboarding accident. Adding to the evidence is the fact that he's in a snowy environment in the photo.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact this has on the Chili Peppers' album plans. Given the casual "oops" of Flea's caption, we're guessing that he doesn't anticipate the injury having any long-term consequences regarding his bass-playing abilities.


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