Faith No More "Cone of Shame" (video)

Faith No More 'Cone of Shame' (video)
After recently delivering a trio of reissues, Faith No More are back to plugging their big and oftentimes creepy 2015 reunion disc, Sol Invictus. Knives, humiliation and conic dishonour are all a part of the new video for the record's "Cone of Shame."

Described in a press release by bassist Billy Gould as "very dark, and beautifully cinematic," the Goce Cvetanovski-directed music video was filmed in a tavern in Macedonia. There, a drifter gets involved in some weird local doings, which escalates from a ringleader gnawing on a young woman's shoulder, to a sex romp, to a moment where the out-of-towner is likely wondering why he brought a blade to a gun fight.

You'll discover who feels the most shame by giving the video a peep down below.