Mike Patton on That Time He Pissed on Axl Rose's Teleprompter

"I just like took it out, and I pissed all over"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished May 28, 2021

When Mike Patton gets angry he sees yellow, not red — or at least that was the case back in '92 when he decided to urinate all over Axl Rose's teleprompter. Now the Faith No More singer has opened up about the infamous incident, explaining to the world why he pissed all over Axl while touring with Guns N' Roses.

During a Zoom chat with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Sepultura's Andreas Kisser for an episode of Inside with Paulo Baron, Patton revisited his past when Faith No More was out on tour opening for Guns N' Roses and Metallica during a 1992 tour.

As Patton tells it, GN'R were pretty notorious at hazing their tour openers back in the day, dolling out a bunch of pranks on the daily. So apparently Patton had just had enough and decided to deliver some pissy payback.

"One day I was like, so bored. It was just such a drag touring with those guys — I hate to say it," Patton explained. "They treated us like shit. They paid us really well, but we were like really, just every day, looking for something fucked up to do."

He then added: "So one day, I just like took it out, and I pissed all over his teleprompter."

But hey, pissing on a teleprompter is nothing compared to pooping in Axl's OJ, right?

Down below, you can watch the conversation lengthy conversation go down, and remember that Patton can indeed be one pissy dude.

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