Rachel Bobbitt Sounds Whole on 'The Half We Still Have'

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 14, 2023

There's an ineffable quality to what Rachel Bobbitt brings to the table as a songwriter. She wrote one of my favourite songs of 2022 with "More" from her last EP, The Ceiling Could Collapse, and her latest four-track collection is somehow an even more cohesive, pristine distillation of her sun-bleached syntax. 

Grounding her introspective vignettes in the details of hand movements and refractions of light, the Toronto-via-Halifax artist gets even more granular as she inserts us into the middle of interpersonal dramas with an eerie short story quality on The Half We Still Have. Reflecting on the small sliver of selfhood that remains in even the most all-consuming relationships, Bobbitt and producer Jorge Elbrecht dial up the distortion and embrace grittier textures — even on the most sweeping and string-laden of her mid-tempo rockers.

(Fantasy Records)

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