Everyone Is Volunteering to Replace Ed Sheeran on 'SNL'

The singer-songwriter can't make the show on November 6 following his COVID-19 diagnosis

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 25, 2021

After testing positive for COVID-19, Ed Sheeran announced over the weekend that he's doing his due diligence and delaying all in-person commitments — including a scheduled appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 6.

Despite reports that they're scrambling, the SNL producers really shouldn't have too much trouble finding a replacement for Sheeran — everyone on Twitter is volunteering the names of acts they think would be best-suited, from Jojo Siwa to Crazy Frog.

In fact, several artists are shamelessly putting in bids to replace Sheeran themselves. Among them are the Mountain Goats, who claim they are "well-loved by the TikTok Dancing Massive [sic]"; Eve 6, who have offered to cover a rarity from none other than Chumbawamba; and Canada's own Arkells"You Can Get It," right?

Phoebe Bridgers — who famously smashed a guitar and became archenemies with David Crosby last time she appeared on the show — admitted that she subconsciously wanted to make a suggestion but forgot. (Probably would've been a good moment of continuity to put Crosby's name forward, but it's fine.)

See some of the quote-tweets from musicians offering to fill in for Sheeran on the broadcast below.

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