Eighteen Visions Obsession

Those screamy makeup-wearing dudes in Eighteen Visions once defined the sound of Trustkill hardcore, but on their latest release Obsession they seem to have ventured into the world of the slightly more melodic. Crushed starts off sounding very much like a Metallica song but redeems itself halfway through when it kicks into some of their better "emo” moments. This Time is a great rock song, with singer James Hart’s nearly Scott Weiland-esque snarl etching the song into your head for the next couple days. Eighteen Visions are playing big rock now, with an album that contains songs that can get hardcore kids dancing as easily as it can fill the arena walls. Obsession has harmonies, anthems, ballads and their signature metal riffs. While the screams still make the occasional appearance, the album is on the most part straight-up rock, and it’s great. (Trustkill)