Drake Loses $300,000 Canada Soccer Bet, Argentina Quote "Not Like Us"

It got Messi all right

Photos: The Come Up Show (Drake), GoodFon.com (Messi)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 10, 2024

Given recent events, one could argue that gambling is all Drake has left. But thanks to that curse, the losses continue mounting in that area of life, too.

Following June's $1 million loss on Stanley Cup and NBA Finals bets, the Canadian figured he'd have better fortunes putting money on his home country's men's soccer team, who were competing among the final four nations in the 2024 Copa América tournament.

Once again, Drake posted his Stake.com betting slip on social media, with a wager of $300,000 for Canada to beat the top-ranked Argentina squad in last night's (July 9) semifinal match.

As someone now spending "too much time on captions, not enough time on action," Drake wrote, "This could get Messi," poking fun at the Argentine icon.

Unfortunately, Canada fell to Argentina by a score of 2–0 (in spite of Argentina doing plenty falling of their own), proving that when it comes to major sports matchups, the "Drake curse" doesn't discriminate.

The cherry on top of this latest L came with the official X account of Argentina's national team quoting Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" — the surgical diss track-turned-song of the summer that Drake won't be escaping anytime soon.

This bit of international grave-dancing saw the team post a photo of players celebrating with the caption, "Not like us, not with us."

Surely Drake's most fervent defenders are lining up to stream his music and make up for his financial losses.

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