Donovan Woods Releases New Single "Grew Apart"

Donovan Woods Releases New Single 'Grew Apart'
Ahead of releasing a new album this year, Donovan Woods has rolled out another new single.

"Grew Apart" follows recent songs "While All the While" and "Way Way Back," and was co-written by Woods, Logan Wall and Travis Wood.

As the Canadian singer songwriter explained, "This song is about all the things we tell ourselves a breakup is about when perhaps the truth is just that two people didn't like each other enough."

He added, "The chorus is a list of linguistic place holders that people use to communicate one thing: I don't want to talk about it. I think men tend to speak about break-ups in this way so their pride doesn't get wounded, when in truth, they're hurting."

Last year, Woods released The Other Way, a reimagining of his 2018 LP Both Ways.