Doja Cat Shows Off a World of Range on 'Planet Her'

BY Rosemary AkpanPublished Jun 24, 2021

Doja Cat is in a league — or, in this case, on a planet — of her own. If it wasn't already obvious after the acclaim she's received from her sophomore album, Hot Pink, or by the protracted success of viral hit "Say So," then it definitely will be once you listen to her third studio album, Planet Her

The space-themed album consists of 14 songs that highlight Doja's versatility. Opening track "Woman" frolics with a reggae-fused sound different from what she's usually known or recognized for. Yet, in typical Doja fashion, she's still able to deliver her usual quick-witted bars, complemented by a catchy chorus. 

On songs like the Young Thug-featuring "Payday" and Ariana Grande-featuring "I Don't Do Drugs," Doja channels early-'00s nostalgia but with plenty of modern innovation — her sound familiar, yet fresh at the same time. Another standout track is "Ain't Shit," which may or may not be about Nas (who dissed her in last year's "Ultra Black," after "Ain't Shit" had been teased under its former title "N.A.S."): "N****s ain't shit, come up in your crib / All up in your fridge, can't pay rent / Look at what you did, listen to your friends / When they say n****s ain't shit." 

There are a lot of references to love, relationships and sex on this album. Although Doja is private on matters surrounding her personal life, she lets listeners in on songs like "Been Like This," "Alone" and "Love to Dream," where she admits, "I got everything / Everything but real love." These and other moments showcase a different, more vulnerable side to the rapper compared to her typical over-the-top eccentricities.

Planet Her has no skips, not even the previously released singles. It showcases many sides to Doja but remains cohesive — if you don't consume it in its entirety, you'll definitely miss out on truly understanding her world.

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