D.O. Gibson "Missy Elliott" (video)

D.O. Gibson 'Missy Elliott' (video)
Toronto rapper D.O. is ready embrace his given name for his next album, Duane Gibson, which is due out later this month. Before it officially drops, though, Exclaim! has got the premiere of the album's lead video single "Missy Elliott."
An homage to the title rap queen, the track was released on D.O.'s Home for the Summer mixtape last year — coincidentally just before she stormed back on to the stage during this year's Superbowl.
"It was good timing," said D.O. in a statement. " We had the videoshoot for the song set up for the winter, and next thing you know Missy Elliott comes back on the scene."
The new video is a colourful throwback to the '90s videos made by artists like Elliott and Busta Rhymes, with D.O. paying his respects to Missy by sporting her face on his shirt.
"Missy Elliott" will reappear on Duane Gibson, due out on May 26, and D.O. is set to perform at his album release party on May 23 at Studio Bar in Toronto. For now, take a trip through time and relive the glory days of "Missy Elliott" in the player below.