DJ Quik

The Book of David

BY Mark BozzerPublished Apr 19, 2011

It's time to rock your khakis with a cuff and a crease again, as one of the purveyors of the G-funk era, producer/rapper DJ Quik, returns to drop some knowledge on all the ringtone rappers with his latest release (and eighth studio album), The Book of David. Filled to the brim with funk, a little gangbanging and a lot of West Coast swagger, this album injects a retro-flavoured shot to the arm of the current rap game. From an O.G. legend that has worked with everyone from Tupac, Whitney Houston and Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) to 8 Ball and MJG, as well as Ice Cube, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Jigga, this man has reached the point in his career where he deserves respect for the body of work he has created, and The Book of David certainly demands it. Whether you're looking to spread some rose petals on the sheets and lay down with your girl on the Jon B-assisted "Real Women" or bang to the boogie on "Nobody," featuring Suga Free, which pays homage to the days of Parliament-Funkadelic, this album is going to be bumping in your Cadillac, Caprice or Prius all summer long.

I saw a clip of you on YouTube where you said you don't even like rap music or hip-hop anymore; you're more of a musical score kind of guy. Can you break that down?
There's nothing to break down. For the last few years, music has kind of really not been good on the radio. It's not the hip-hop that we helped to build; I was just saying that to start shit, to get these kids to start making better music. That's all.

How did that viewpoint affect or influence the creative process for the making of this album?
It didn't. If we're to be really technical, like anal about it, I'm a rap artist; I'm not a hip-hop artist. Hip-hop is a trendy, commercial thing. Me, I'm more like a musician and rap artist. This record is an ode to what I'm used to doing; it's just me going back to what I know and having fun doing it.

How has the recent loss of Nate Dogg affected you?
It affected me personally, because Nate Dogg is my friend. Not just someone I worked with, or "I'm a fan of his music," or we were in the studio once or twice ― that's my boy! You know, I lost a brother.

Another West Coast legend, Dr. Dre, has been receiving a lot of negative buzz lately because of the incredibly long wait for Detox, the Dr. Pepper commercials and his new music. Do you feel he's getting a bad shake?
[Long pause] Damn, that's a crazy question. I almost decline to comment, because Dre is my guy. If you look at it like this, like in baseball, some power-hitters get in a slump, go a little while without getting a hit. I think it's the same exact analogy. But not to be discredited, Dr. Dre is a fucking sleeping giant. When he does break, which he will, people are going to eat their fucking words.

Our magazine is based in Canada. Any fond memories?
I don't know how y'all did that, but you have the most beautiful women in the world! And your beer! Is it Pabst? No, Molson! That is dope!

Being from Canada, we love hockey. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs around the corner, tell me, who's your pick to go all the way? And don't tell me the L.A. Kings!
I'm not going to say the Kings, 'cause that's what everyone's saying. I like the Philadelphia Flyers. Lately, hockey games have been so exciting that now you can turn them on and catch a fight right away.
(Mad Science/Fontana)

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