Dirty Projectors Plot 'Flight Tower' EP

It's part of a new EP series made up of five releases

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 5, 2020

Earlier this year, Dirty Projectors shared their Windows Open EP. What they didn't tell us at the time was that the release was the first drop in a five-part EP series. The second release has just been announced, with plenty more to come.

The next EP in the series is called Flight Tower. While Windows Open allowed vocalist/guitarist/percussionist Maia Friedman to take lead vocals on all of its tracks, Flight Tower will instead focus on keyboardist/vocalist Felicia Douglass. 

Douglass is at the centre of the EP's first taste, which is called "Lose Your Love." That song arrives via a video, available below.

Flight Tower will arrive on June 26 via Domino. It will be followed by respective EPs from the band's Kristin Slipp and Dave Longstreth, and then a final EP that sees all four members trading vocal duties.

Flight Tower:

1. Inner World
2. Lose Your Love
3. Self Design
4. Empty Vessel


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