Digits Announces 'Get Through' Album, Shares New Track

Digits Announces 'Get Through' Album, Shares New Track
In the years since 2009's Hold It Close, Toronto synth-pop artist Digits has released a heap of projects, including a serialized musical story, a mixtape, and various EPs and singles. Now, he's finally back with his second proper LP.

The album is called Get Through, and it will be out on May 26. Some of these songs have previously appeared as stopgap releases, but those bedroom recordings have now been replaced by proper studio versions. This polished-up album was recorded at Gas Station Recording Studio on Toronto Island.

According to a press release, Get Through "displays a marked step up in production values, with more of an in-your-face pop sensibility as compared with the atmospheric and psychedelic bent of the mixtapes." Thematically, it touches on "persevering through the most difficult times in one's life, and coping with anxiety and heartbreak."

Scroll past the nine-song tracklist below to hear the mournfully thumping "Safe," which rests atop a pillowy bed of lush, celestial synths.

Get Through:

1. The Fear
2. Rachel Marie
3. Love Is Only Affection
4. When You Look Inside
5. Last Trip
6. Safe
7. Where Do You Belong?
8. Stasis
9. Say Goodbye