Devon Welsh's Band Belave Releases Album as NFT

Take THAT, Kings of Leon

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 4, 2021

Seemingly overnight, non-fungible tokens — a.k.a. NFTs — have gone from obscure tech-speak into the hottest topic in the music industry. Kings of Leon were poised to be the first band to release their album as an NFT, but now Devon Welsh's band Belave have seemingly beaten them to the punch.

Belave, which is Welsh's duo with Matthew E. Duffy, originally released their album Does the bird fly over your head? back in September 2020, but now it's available from in NFT form.

A message accompanying the product reads: "Third album by the band I share with Matthew E. Duffy Originally released in September 2020. Belave is now officially the 'first band to release and album as an NFT,' beating out Kings of Leon by ~36 hours. Claims to the contrary are false."

An NFT is a unique cryptographic token that uses blockchain technology to verify its uniqueness and authenticity; it can therefore be "owned" rather than simply duplicated or exchanged. Musicians have recently gotten in on the trend, with artists like Grimes, Jacques Greene and, of course, Kings of Leon releasing NFTs.

If that sounds appealing to you, you can place a bid on Belave's Does the bird fly over your head? here.

Read Belave's rather bizarre press release — which seems to take the piss out of the whole idea of NFTs — below.


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