Deafheaven "Brought to the Water"

Deafheaven 'Brought to the Water'
Eschewing the sunshine their home state is known for in favour of dark, shoegaze-y black metal, San Francisco unit Deafheaven are set to release their sophomore LP next month. And before New Bermuda arrives, the band have finally unveiled a new single titled "Brought to the Water."
Opening with eerily chiming bells and keys before bursting into a rampage of pummelling percussion, furious guitars and the screeching vocals of a man possessed, the track is a heavy introduction the group's latest material. Things take a slightly more melodic turn as the song wears on, eventually fading into a soft piano outro.
In addition to being the first sonic sampling the band have shared from the upcoming album, the eight-minute-plus track also serves as the opening cut on New Bermuda. The record arrives on October 2 through Anti-, but you can ease the wait by giving "Brought to the Water" a spin right now.