Dead and Divine

The Machines We Are

BY Dave SynyardPublished Aug 10, 2009

Burlington, ON's Dead and Divine are back with their sophomore album, The Machines We Are, an album that draws influences from metalcore and Southern rock. However, they fail to use these techniques to create anything that stands out, sounding generic and mechanically structured. I'm not suggesting The Machines We Are isn't forceful and catchy. "The Sugar Sickness" whips the listener with tight, crunchy guitar riffs and sexual lyrics; it has all the makings of a great track. Furthermore, "Neon Jesus" continues this riff-heavy sound, featuring Matt Tobin's vocals with beautiful harmonies and guttural spats. However, Machines doesn't anchor itself in your brain, and the great work done by the aforementioned tracks is undone with the typical-sounding "Creature" and "For Your Health."

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