Dead and Divine Call It Quits

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 23, 2012

After almost ten years in the game, Burlington, ON-based metalcore makers Dead and Divine have announced that they're breaking up. The band posted a message on their Facebook page yesterday (April 22) informing fans that their last show will be May 5 at the Burlington YMCA.

"After nearly 10 years of playing music together, touring the world and making some of the best friends we could have ever asked for, we're very regretfully closing this chapter of our lives. It chokes me up to be writing this letter, and I really can't express how genuine and sincere I am when I say thank you all for everything you've done to help us live our dream," the statement reads.

Dead and Divine go on to reminisce on how sweet it's been to be able to tour and record for the last several years, waxing nostalgic on a few early road trips and giving thanks to the fans for making their career possible.

The statement continues, "We couldn't be more thankful for all of this. This band has defined our adult lives, and it's a product of your dedication and commitment to supporting us as musicians."

While no specific reason was given for the breakup, the act admitted that, while grateful for the memories, the last seven years of steady touring has greatly impacted their personal lives.

"We do…need to step away from this for an indefinite amount of time and focus on other things. With all the touring comes a lot of sacrifice, and it slowly but surely takes it's toll."

The quintet issued a pair of EPs and three full-length albums over the course of their career, with the most recent being last year's Antimacy; Exclaim! touted that disc for its "pummelling rhythm section and racing guitars," which underscored both vocalist Matt Tobin's gruff growls and melodic musings.

You can read Dead and Divine's full statement here.

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