David Hasselhoff's New Metal Song Totally Rips

Watch an epic video for the track "Through the Night" with CueStack
David Hasselhoff's New Metal Song Totally Rips
David Hasselhoff is no stranger to the world of rock, and he's reminding us of that with a new song done for two-man metal team CueStack. The track is called "Through the Night," and it's been treated to an intense new video.

The clip comes in the wake of a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, which asked for €6,000 but raked in an impressive €19,654. So what did all that cash go towards?

As you'll see, the clip gets pretty Cyberpunk on us, featuring tons of neon, glitchy video effects and a wild retro-future landscape. Hasselhoff is also in top form, making "Through the Night" sound as catchy as it is epic.

Watch the pretty awesome video for "Through the Night" below.