Comeback Kid Broadcasting

Comeback Kid are back with a new record after their explosion in the hardcore scene, beginning with their debut Turn It Around in 2003, then Wake Up the Dead in 2005, which drastically raised their profile and shook underground hallways and venues. In the process they switched lead vocal duties from singer Scott Wade, who played his last show with the band on July 15th, to guitarist Andrew Nuefeld, who was the former lead vocalist of fellow Winnipeg hardcore act Figure Four. The vocal change has had a much less dramatic effect on Comeback Kid’s sound than one would expect; they are still punk-based hardcore with a solid, driving edge and throaty roughness, but a slightly more melodic feel has crept in with the band’s maturity. This in no way takes away from their sound but the new record doesn’t have quite the same level of immediate catchiness as their sophomore album. However, it is still a good, solid hardcore offering. (Victory)