Coldplay Send Live Message to Elton John's Last Farewell Tour Show

Chris Martin and company covered "Rocket Man" before the broadcast

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 10, 2023

Elton John's lengthy Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour ended in Stockholm this weekend, and in the music news version of a feel-good video where a puppy gets rescued from the side of the road, some friends helped send him off.

Coincidentally, fellow soft rock juggernauts Coldplay were also playing in Sweden at the same time as John on Saturday night (July 8), and they beamed a live message from their Gothenburg gig to Stockholm following a cover of "Rocket Man."

"From all the bands and artists you've helped and inspired, we love you so much," Chris Martin said in the broadcast. "We are so grateful for everything you've done for us [and] everything you've done for the AIDS Foundation, anytime you've been kind to anybody, everything you've done for the LGBTQ, everything you've done for fashion and eyewear. Everything you've done for sexiness and love..." It trails on for a while, watch it below.

While John won't be making love to audiences through his setlists on tour any longer, he's hinted that one-off performances are not off the table.

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