Clams Casino Returns with New Song "Healing"

Clams Casino Returns with New Song 'Healing'
Out of nowhere, beloved New Jersey producer Clams Casino has dropped a new song on us. Titled "Healing," you can hear the stunning return-to-form now.

While Clams has a habit of delivering the instrumental versions of his work (often via full-fledged mixtapes), "Healing" actually marks his first properly instrumental offering since the producer's 2011 Rainforest EP.

And as you'll hear below, the new song finds the producer in fine form, weaving a brooding array of haunting string melodies into this heady beatwork. If anything, the only flaw here is that "Healing" is over much too quickly.

Listen to "Healing" for yourself below.

As previously reported, Clams Casino recently delivered the posthumous Lil Peep collaboration "4 Gold Chains," but his last full-length album remains 2016's criminally underrated 32 Levels.