Deftones' 'White Pony' Remix Album Will Feature Clams Casino

DJ Shadow and Trevor Jackson will also ride the 'Black Stallion'

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 23, 2020

While new album Ohms is days away from release, Deftones have also spent their 2020 celebrating two decades of their seminal White Pony album. After teasing that a companion collection of remixes dubbed Black Stallion was on the way to mark the occasion, two more names have now been attached to the project.

Speaking with Vulture, frontman Chino Moreno was asked about the stable of collaborators set to appear on Black Stallion. The vocalist/guitarist revealed the involvement of Clams Casino and U.K. producer Trevor Jackson, who will join the previously confirmed DJ Shadow.

"Trevor Jackson did an awesome remix. I was so stoked on it," Moreno told the site. "It's almost hard to figure out what song it is. I love remixes like that, where it's a whole new take. So him, DJ Shadow, Clams Casino, people whose music I liked and I like working with."

In a virtual press conference earlier this year, Deftones' Frank Delgado shared that Shadow's involvement had been a dream for the group since recording White Pony all those years ago.

"We would talk about [White Pony before we released it], how good it was going to be, and we'd immediately jump to, 'It's going to be so good, we're going to have [DJ] Shadow remix it and we'll call it Black Stallion," he said. 

Delgado continued: "I think one time we actually hit him up. He was playing here in town, and I was opening DJing, and me and Chino kind of cornered him. And we were like, 'Hey man, what's up, we're the Deftones,' and he looked at us like we were fucking crazy. We were like, 'We want you to remix our record,' and he was like, 'Deftones? Are you guys ska?'"

While Black Stallion has yet to receive a release date, Ohms is due to arrive September 25 through Reprise. Marking Deftones' ninth studio effort, the album follows 2016's Gore.

Yesterday (September 22), the band launched a charity campaign centred on the new disc's dotted album artwork.

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