Childish Gambino "Me and Your Mama" (VR video)

Childish Gambino 'Me and Your Mama' (VR video)
Before we knew any of the details surrounding Childish Gambino's latest LP, Awaken, My Love!, we knew he would be performing the new tunes with a series of concerts this past September. Footage from one of the shows now makes up a new video for album opener "Me and Your Mama."

Not unlike his forthcoming "virtual reality vinyl" for the record, the video is an immersive VR experience, with viewers being able to change their sightline from the front row by clicking and dragging the screen. Apart from the stage show, viewers can also look skyward for some wild projections and star patterns.

The video, which you can find below, was created in collaboration with Microsoft and directed by Fred Warren. Awaken, My Love! is out now through Glassnote

Pre-order the limited edition virtual reality version of Awaken, My Love!, complete with VR headset, here.