Celebrate May the Fourth with the Galactic Empire's Metal-styled "Imperial March"

Celebrate May the Fourth with the Galactic Empire's Metal-styled 'Imperial March'
Looking at our calendars, it seems Star Wars lovers' favourite day of the year is here again. As such, mucho-evil metal band the Galactic Empire are reaching out to say "May the Fourth Be with You." To celebrate, Darth Vader and the rest of the boys have toughened up the already sinister-sounding "The Imperial March" with their new, shred-tastic cover.

Originally composed by John Williams, the song has been made over from a symphonic masterpiece into a chunky, distorted stomp. As you can see in the performance video, Darth Vader is tasked with the bend-heavy lead duties, while some serious riffage is offered up by Stormtroopers and Royal Guard members of all colours. Bounty Hunter baddie Boba Fett is likewise crushing it behind the kit.

The video goes on to find an entrapped wookie breaking free to bow down at the altar of rock, while a post-performance meet and greet with the Emperor reveals the robed Red Guard on rhythm guitar to be a bit of a kiss-ass.

The video can be found below. Waggle your red light sabres high for the bad guys, or run the risk of being choked out by their force-abusing lead guitarist.

The Galactic Empire, self-described as "a heavy metal band comprised of the most sinister villains in the universe," are currently seeking out funds "to acquire the proper equipment we will need to put on an explosive live show." The project's Kickstarter campaign is seeking $60,000 USD, of which $2,600 has already been raised. You can find out more over here.

A full-length album is due this summer, though the full details have yet to arrive.