Cattle Decapitation Announce 'The Anthropocene Extinction' LP, Premiere Track

Cattle Decapitation Announce 'The Anthropocene Extinction' LP, Premiere Track
Following recent reports of studio activity, long-running eco metal warriors Cattle Decapitation have unveiled plans to release a new album this summer. Lest the globe goes under ahead of schedule, their The Anthropocene Extinction lands August 7 through Metal Blade.

A press release explains that the foursome reunited with producer Dave Otero at Denver's Flatline Audio to prep the follow-up to 2012's Monolith of Inhumanity. This latest effort is said to blast by via the band's "blistering death-grind attack," but it also features elements of black metal and more melodic parts than we'd normally expect out of the crew.

Lyrically, vocalist Travis Ryan is once again delivering animal rights-defending missives, with the record's "Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)" said to turn the tables on vivisectionists. The album's central theme, however, takes a look at how humanity has made a negative impact on Mother Earth. He noted that the record is "set in the world that we destroyed, and it's certainly the most depressing record I've written."

He added: "As our technology has advanced we have degraded the Earth. When you look to the oceans the footprint we have left comes in the form of all the junk and plastic that has made it out there because we let that happen, and the effect that has, because when you start breaking down eco-systems it's a domino effect and will one day end up doing us in."

A handful of guests are helping spread the word on The Anthropocene Extinction. Author & Punisher's Tristan Shone appears on the record's "Plagueborne," Bethlehem's Jürgen Bartsch adds a German language spoken word part to "Pacific Grim," and metal legend Phil Anselmo adds vocals to "The Prophets of Loss."

Down below, you'll get the vicious first taste of the LP via an audio stream of its heavily blasted "Manufactured Extinct."

The Anthropocene Extinction:

1. Manufactured Extinct

2. The Prophets of Loss

3. Plagueborne

4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)

5. Circo Inhumanitas

6. The Burden Of Seven Billion

7. Mammals In Babylon

8. Mutual Assured Destruction

9. Not Suitable For Life

10. Apex Blasphemy

11. Ave Exitium

12. Pacific Grim