CATL "Baby, You All Wrong" (video)

CATL  'Baby, You All Wrong' (video)
Toronto two-piece CATL will release their fifth full-length Bide My Time Until I Die later this year, and they've teased the forthcoming record with a new video for "Baby, You All Wrong."
According to the band, the track is "a wake up call to all the dudes who think they know more about music than the ladies do."

The accompanying clip sees the duo proving their point by distributing retro clackers to strangers and demonstrating that "regardless of gender, most of us don't know what we're doing or what the hell we're talking about.
Really hammering the point home, the clip also finds Jamie attempting to impress his bandmate Sarah with unfortunate choices like a bunny onesie, BMX tricks, a smashed TV set and a flaming guitar.
Bide My Time Until I Die is due out in April via Beast Records. Watch the video for "Baby, You All Wrong" below.

The band will be having a video release party in Toronto on January 27 at the Dakota Tavern.