Black Atlass "Haunted Paradise"

Black Atlass 'Haunted Paradise'
Coming off the spring release of Jade, Montreal-bred R&B singer Black Atlass (a.k.a. Alex Fleming) has revealed that a trio of singles are on their way. The first to land is a smooth-sounding if emotionally conflicted piece titled "Haunted Paradise." 

The cut features the echo-laden smack of dub-style snare drums, a waterfall's worth of rippling synth tones and Black Atlass' vibrato-heavy lines. The song finds the artist lost in a seemingly idyllic locale, feeling the beat as he sips on a cup of blood and whiskey. That said, there's a bit of uneasiness to his voice, suggesting that maybe not all is well on this vaycay.

"Haunted Paradise" is the first of three online singles being offered by Black Atlass and Fool's Gold Records, with the tracks also set to be packaged with a series of zines prepped by Fleming.