Baptists "Victim Service"

Baptists 'Victim Service'
A week ahead of delivering their new Beacon of Faith LP, Baptists have shared another song from the album.

Titled "Victim Service," the mid-paced song takes a lyrical look at giving abusers a taste of their own medicine. You can hear it in the player below.

"From a songwriting standpoint, I think it is about as rock'n'roll as we could get," guitarist Danny Marshall told Metal Hammer. "I wanted to see if we could get away with doing a tune with this kind of mid-paced feel. The last riff in the song is a total John Reis-style riff attempt — his songs have always had a huge influence on the songwriting in this band, and to me that shines through more on this song than anything else on this record." 

Beacon of Faith arrives May 25 through Southern Lord