Ani DiFranco Details New Album 'Revolutionary Love'

She has also shared the record's title track

BY Allie GregoryPublished Nov 18, 2020

Ani DiFranco has announced plans for a new record titled Revolutionary Love. She'll release the album on January 29 through her own Righteous Babe Records.

Recorded in Durham, NC, the album finds contributions by Brad Cook, Phil Cook, Brevan Hampden, Matt Douglas and Yan Westerlund, as well as DiFranco's touring band members, Terence Higgins and Todd Sickafoose.

"It's about carrying the energy of love and compassion into the centre of our social movements and making it the driving force," DiFranco explained of the record in a statement. "It's about finding it within ourselves to stay curious about our opponents instead of shutting down."

Today, the artist has shared the record's title track following the release of album cuts "Do or Die" and "Contagious."

Listen to the new song below, where you can also find the record's tracklisting.

Revolutionary Love:

1. Revolutionary Love
2. Bad Dream
3. Chloroform
4. Contagious
5. Do or Die
6. Station Identification
7. Shrinking Violet
8. Metropolis
9. Simultaneously
10. Confluence
11. Crocus

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