Andre Williams That's All I Need

"I believe my time will come," Andre Williams intones at the outset of his latest effort. It's something that many fans of the hard-living Detroit soul man have also believed since his career was rejuvenated in the late '90s. But while he has made several great albums since then with a series of young acolytes, including the Sadies, Williams has never risen above the status of cult hero. That's All I Need has the potential to change that, mainly because the songs reflect an honesty that Williams has previously shirked in favour of shock or humour. Tracks such as "America" and "There Ain't No Such Thing As Good Dope" hearken back to the stark realism of early '70s Detroit funk, a point also driven home by stellar lead guitar work from fellow Detroit funk legend Dennis Coffey. That approach, tied together by Matthew Smith's sultry production, is exactly the combination Williams has been searching for, making That's All I Need arguably a career-defining work. (Bloodshot)