Absolutely Free Announce 'How to Repaint Clouds' Remix Album

Hear Joseph Shabason's saxophone-heavy take on "How to Paint Clouds"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 25, 2022

Toronto's Absolutely Free have announced new album How to Repaint Clouds, an eight-track remix project that compiles their musician pals' interpretations of 2021 album Aftertouch's lead single "How to Paint Clouds" using only MIDI files.

The album features remixes by Joseph Shabason, Scattered Clouds, New Chance, Zones and Castle If, as well as a pair of reworks by the band themselves, with the resulting versions said to span the aesthetic worlds of "dark techno to psych funk." It arrives in full on May 5 via Boiled Records.

"The song's lyrics reflect upon the transience of taste and how an artist's feelings toward their work change over time," the band said of the new project. "When a musician revisits their old songs, new interpretations are informed by changing contexts and evolving preferences. We wanted to stray from traditional modes of remixes based upon manipulating a song's individual audio tracks, to provide the artists with an unusual freedom from the original material, to create new sounds and reassemble the motifs of the song."

Today, the band share Shabason's saxophone-forward contribution, which can be heard below. There you'll also find the album's tracklisting.

How to Repaint Clouds:

1. How to Paint Clouds
2. How to Paint Clouds (Absolutely Free Remix)
3. How to Paint Clouds (Joseph Shabason Remix)
4. How to Paint Clouds (Scattered Clouds Remix)
5. How to Paint Clouds (New Chance Remix)
6. How to Paint Clouds (Zones Remix)
7. How to Repaint Clouds (Absolutely Free Remix)
8. How Moogs Cloud Paint (Castle If Remix)

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