Absolutely Free Return with New Album 'Aftertouch'

Watch an AI-generated video for the record's "How to Paint Clouds"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jun 25, 2021

Absolutely Free are at last returning with a new album. The Toronto group's latest is called Aftertouch, and it will arrive on September 24 via Boiled Records.

The record marks only the second proper studio album from Absolutely Free, marking the official follow-up to 2014's self-titled debut. However, the band have stayed busy in recent years, releasing soundtracks, EPs and solo albums.

Today Absolutely Free are showing off their Aftertouch with the new album track "How to Paint Clouds," which has arrived complete with a video. Making for quite the novel clip, it's created via AI built on an algorithm from 2,000 internet-sourced paintings of clouds that teach a computer to create its own original paintings of clouds.

"Although there are unimaginable forces at play in developing a cloud, or in creating art, all we are able to look for is another face in the sky, a mirror looking back at us," the band said in a statement. "A cloud always looks like something other than a cloud."

Watch the "How to Paint Clouds" video below.

Aftertouch was produced by Jorge Elbrecht (No Joy, Gang Gang Dance, Japanese Breakfast) and, according to a press release, features "a tug-of-war between sonic harmony and the foregrounded discordance of present-day society."

As the band explained, they "wanted to create an album that wasn't bound by a physical ability to perform it live, to not only expand our palette, but also to consider the live performance as something completely separate."


1. Epilogue (After Touch)
2. How To Paint Clouds
3. Interface
4. Remaining Light
5. Still Life
6. Are They Signs?
7. Clear Blue Sky
8. Morning Sun

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