Watch the Trailer for 'Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up'

Coming June 3

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 29, 2024

By now, most internet users know the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. The 32-year-old was released from prison in December after being convicted of the second-degree murder of her abusive mother, who made her a victim of Munchausen by proxy. Because she was infantilized due to her false illnesses her entire life up until the murder, Blanchard is effectively living an adult life for the first time.

A docuseries following this massive transition has been in the works since before Blanchard's release, and now, it has an official trailer. Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup will premiere June 3 on Lifetime, with the other seven episodes to follow.

From the snapshots the trailer offers, we see the beginning of the dissolution of Blanchard and her ex-husband Ryan Anderson's marriage. It also shows her getting her first tattoo, going for a rhinoplasty consultation and navigating her overwhelming fame. Watch it below.

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