Toronto Realtor Spoofs Netflix's 'You' in Regent Park Property Ad

"And now, you've got my attention. I just want to make my way in"
Toronto Realtor Spoofs Netflix's 'You' in Regent Park Property Ad
Photo: Sam Ghamsari
One Toronto realtor is giving Joe Goldberg a run for his money. Sam Ghamsari has shared a parody video of You, channelling its protagonist to market a Regent Park condo, capitalizing off the Netflix megahit.

The 27-year-old realtor posted the unconventional ad on his Instagram, revealing stalkerish angles of 90 Sumach St., Unit 421. The post quickly went viral, generating over 14,000 views. As Narcity reports, Ghamsari used his background in marketing to put a pop culture spin on his usual listing videos.

"At first, it was just my girlfriend and I watching the show when I came up with the idea and then we just started writing the script," he explained. "Then I contacted a company called Gray Media who does quite a bit of these videos for real estate agents, and it all went down from there."

For those who don't know (perhaps if you don't have internet?), You recently released its third season on the streaming platform and consistently hit top rankings after each release. The series follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he fixates and stalks women to win their love — usually resulting in murder for those involved.

Instead of an unsuspecting woman; however, Ghamsari fills the role of Joe's usual obsession with the two-bedroom loft. The realtor hit the nail on the head, capturing Netflix's favourite stalker right down to his lingering touches and dramatic, almost spoken-word style narration: "Hello you, look at the way the sun just hits on you. And now, you've got my attention. I just want to make my way in."

It's a clever gimmick, as Joe's running voiceover allows the realtor to easily list the building and loft's many attributes, including its history as a former CBC warehouse studio, its open concept, custom cabinets and more — all that's missing is Joe's signature stealth-mode ball cap. Why is it that every character engaging in sketchy behaviour thinks a hat makes them invisible? (Here's looking at you, Kendall Roy.)

Anyway, the show's influence clearly extends beyond Netflix, as spoof paid off, quite literally. The condo sold on November 8 for $1,357,000 — $157,100 over the asking price, thanks to the video's publicity.

Ghamsari stated the building's past as a studio "made it feel like the right property" to try something outside the box. He "couldn't believe" the viral response and noted the seller became a fan of You because of it — for $100,00 over asking? No kidding.

We can only imagine what's to come, as Ghamsari hopes to continue creating unique listing videos in the future. He's not the only realtor to cash in on Netflix's hype, with another realtor using a Squid Game-inspired billboard to poke fun at Toronto's housing prices earlier this month.

See Ghamsari's full video below.