A Fox News Segment About 'You' Turned Into a Real-Life Abbott and Costello Sketch

Laura Ingraham mixed up 'You' and "you"
A Fox News Segment About 'You' Turned Into a Real-Life Abbott and Costello Sketch
A Fox News show turned into a real-life Abbott and Costello sketch, as an attempt to mock "woke" culture turned into a dizzying and hilarious discussion about the Penn Badgley-starring Netflix slasher You.

On conservative opinion show The Ingraham Angle last night (November 15), host Laura Ingraham was talking with Raymond Arroyo about how audiences don't like woke storylines on TV shows. Arroyo mentioned an episode of You that concerned anti-vaxxers and the measles vaccine, and Ingraham misinterpreted You as meaning "you."

Here's a snippet of the conversation, which couldn't have been more absurd if it were scripted:

Arroyo: "I was watching an episode of You where measles came up."
Ingraham: "Wait, wait, wait — when did I mention measles?"
Arroyo: "I don't know. It was on You."
Ingraham: "What was on me? What are you talking about? Is Raymond even hearing what I'm saying? I never had the measles!"

And it goes on like that for a full minute, with Arroyo becoming increasingly explicit that You is the name of a TV show while it continues to fly straight over Ingraham's head. Eventually, the exchange reached a breaking point with this final attempt to clarify:

Arroyo: "It's a show called You on Netflix."
Ingraham: "There's a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?"

Watch the embarrassing encounter between these horrifyingly influential figures below.