Streaming Must-Sees (and Must-Skips) in April 2024

The latest Tune In or Turn Off features Guy Ritchie, Colin Farrell and Jake Gyllenhaal

Photo courtesy of Netflix

BY Rachel HoPublished Apr 16, 2024

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers — and judging from the random windstorms and snowfalls, it would appear we're in for some cozy indoor days ahead. Lucky for us, there are some top-shelf offerings in the streaming world this month that range from a silly brawny '80s remake to a culturally poignant sci-fi series.

Some big names make their way to streamers as well, with Guy Ritchie going full-blown Guy Ritchie in a new spin-off series, and Colin Farrell leading a neo-noir detective story. A couple of adaptations were also released this month to varying results — surprisingly, the video game one wins that round.

We're in a good time for streaming content, so be sure to read our past editions of Tune In or Turn Off here for more hits and misses.

Tune In: 3 Body Problem

Based on a novel by Liu Cixin, a computer engineer from China, 3 Body Problem tackles nuanced ideas and themes in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. A compelling sci-fi series that feels extremely topical today, 3 Body Problem will stress audiences out but hold their intrigue and attention all the same.

Tune In: Fallout
(Prime Video)

Set in a fully realized world where nuclear disaster has levelled the United States after WWII, the Ella Purnell- and Walton Goggins-led series draws from its source material with violent fight sequences and engaging storytelling. Armed with a sweet soundtrack, Fallout continues the upward trend of video game adaptations done well.

Tune In: The Gentlemen

Like Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie falls into the category of directors with a distinct style who unabashedly sticks to it time and time again. Ritchie takes things a step further by spinning off a mediocre film into a full-tilt Ritchian series with Theo James as his star. In the best way possible, there aren't any surprises in The Gentlemen; it's everything we've come to expect from the director.

Tune In: New World Beat

A docuseries hosted by Lydia Persaud, New World Beat digs into Toronto's rich indie music scene across six episodes that features artists like the Weather Station, Charlotte Cornfield and Chippy Nonstop. The series is a great primer for the uninitiated, and offers a unique insight into the scene for those more knowledgeable.

Turn Off: Ripley

Visually stunning but substantively wanting, Ripley removes much of the sexual appeal and unsettling obsession that made Patricia Highsmith's an enduring literary masterpiece. There are many redeeming qualities to Ripley, but time is better served watching Anthony Minghella's 1999 film adaptation instead.

Tune In: Road House
(Prime Video)

It's completely unserious and fabulous. Doug Liman and Jake Gyllenhaal's Road House is probably an unnecessary remake of the '80s Patrick Swayze classic, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Featuring a comical Conor McGregor, Road House serves as the perfect brainless weekend watch.

Tune In: Sugar
(Apple TV+)

Colin Farrell stars as a Los Angeles-based private detective in a modern neo-noir. The series falls victim to sluggish pacing and walks right into formulaic pitfalls — but, with its stylish imagery and a captivating performance from Farrell, the eight-episode series is well worth sticking with right to the end.

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