'Shrek 5' Release Date Leaked via Intern's LinkedIn Resume

The franchise is far from ogre

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 9, 2023

An apparent Shrek 5 release date has been leaked, and it turns out we've got an NBCU intern to thank (or tell, "Hey now, you're an all star!"). The unnamed intern responsible for consumer product research on Despicable Me 4 and Ariana Grande's Wicked adaptation also listed "Shrek 5 (DreamWorks Animation 2025)" on their LinkedIn resume. 
Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri had previously announced that a new Shrek was in the works, but revealed no further information.

He hinted that the original cast of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas would return. The latter two, at least, had previously expressed a willingness to join any potential sequel.

However, despite Meledandri and the cast's excitement, there was never any news of a release date. 

Until now, apparently. The internet has run rampant with the leaked resume — from which the intern has since wiped any mention of the film — and friendly green ogre memes have overtaken X (formerly Twitter).

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