Jimmy Kimmel Shares Supercut of Ted Nugent's COVID Denial

The MAGA rocker's anti-mask, anti-vax rants have now been compiled into one terrible video
Jimmy Kimmel Shares Supercut of Ted Nugent's COVID Denial
Photo (Left): Gage Skidmore
Earlier this week, we learned that after weeks of sharing COVID-19-truther rants and anti-vax, anti-mask conspiracies, far-right MAGA rocker Ted Nugent has finally contracted the virus himself. Nugent later tried to walk back his pandemic denial in a livestream, but unfortunately for him, Jimmy Kimmel has the receipts.

Kimmel has now shared a supercut of Nugent's many Facebook Live rants in a segment called "Ted's Golden COVID Moments" during his late-night show on Wednesday (April 21), explaining, "Ted Nugent, a man who repeatedly claimed that the pandemic wasn't real, COVID wasn't real — guess what he has: COVID! It's real."

The clip features some of Nugent's worst takes, including his use of the term "Chinese shit" in reference to coronavirus, that time he claimed we're not in a "real pandemic" and when he pondered why we never shut down for the other 18 COVIDs.

As we've seen over the last few months, some of Nugent's rants have been violently anti-Asian, so it's understandable that Kimmel wasn't feeling very sympathetic in his takedown last night.

If you're feeling the same, you can watch the video compilation around the 11-minute mark in the player below.