Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Oscars "Envelopegate" in Late-night Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Oscars 'Envelopegate' in Late-night Monologue
After hosting the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel returned to his regular late-night gig last night (February 27), and he took the opportunity to address the ceremony's wild ending due to a Best Picture envelope mix-up.
In his opening monologue last night, Kimmel likened the ordeal to a "Maury Povich paternity test" before dubbing it "the weirdest TV finale since Lost."
For anyone living under a pop culture rock, La La Land was incorrectly announced as the winner by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway at the Academy Awards on Sunday night (February 26), before the accountants realized they'd messed up and everyone onstage scrambled to give the prize over to the rightful owners, Moonlight.
Kimmel admits he wasn't sure what to do as the drama was happening, saying that he was waiting for the host to come onstage and clear things up before remembering, "Oh, I'm the host!" Hear him tell the story of "envelopegate" from his perspective in the clip below.