Jack Black Is Down for "School of Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Mike White just needs to come back to write it

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Mar 22, 2024

Jack Black has been thinking about a School of Rock sequel for some time. After talking about bringing the worlds of Dewey Finn and Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny together in a sequel last year, the actor is ready to talk about the former more seriously — but only if Mike White is available.

Speaking with Joe about Kung Fu Panda 4, Black pivoted back to the 2003 film, saying he's all set to get the band back together. "I wish there'd be a School of Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo," he said. "I'm ready."

Though said sequel would have to come after production of The White Lotus Season 3. "You know Mike White wrote the first one and he's a genius. And we'd have to have Mike White back in the saddle, but he's real busy right now with White Lotus, the best show on TV," Black continued.

Black may have to wait a while, considering the absolutely stacked casting set for The White Lotus's third season. Aimee Lou Wood, Jason Isaacs, Parker Posey, Leslie Bibb and many others are on deck to star in the excellent dark comedy, which returns in 2025.

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